Last week we witnessed what we already knew to be true about Facebook. It played out right before our eyes and seeing is believing.

We often tell business owners that when used well social media is a powerful tool and when done poorly it is an absolute waste of time and money.

The Invisible Wounds Project is a charity that both Russ and I are on the board of. The charity helps first responders and veterans struggling with mental health challenges. Last week the Twin Cities’ area lost two such individuals to suicide. Russ created a post honoring the losses and calling for action. It was timely, original, and relevant.

Within the first forty-five minutes the post was shared over 100 times. A hard to talk about subject struck a nerve and within a couple days the post had been shared well over 4,000 times. Amazing, considering the topic is all too often avoided.

Earlier in the week we’d met with a prospective client to discuss their needs and their frustrations. They’ve been paying an out of state media company to handle their social media. The posts have been so bad that the owners have at times been embarrassed. The posts have been generic at best and done nothing positive for their business.

Social media can be overwhelming and costly when done incorrectly. It can also be a game changer when done properly.

If you’re business is on Facebook but not seeing results you may not be utilizing it to its full potential. If you’re paying someone out of state to handle it for you, chances are the content isn’t as authentic and timely as it could be.

Success with social media requires consistency and strategy. It isn’t easy and it takes a lot of time to do well. Time and time again we hear stories of business owners stressed by how much work it is and how it distracts them from doing what they do best. We are here to work with local businesses and create content that is engaging.

We want to help small business owners by shortening their to-do list. We want mechanics to fix cars and restaurant owners to make meals and contractors to build things – we’ll handle the social media that is what we do.

If your social media is stressing you out give us a call. We can help to build a plan, take content creation off your list, and generate interaction that leads to sales. We begin by asking A LOT of questions because we want to know you and your business so well that the content we create on your behalf feels authentic. We want to provide information that is accurate and create calls to action. Our goal is to create content that makes you proud of your social media – not stressed and certainly not embarrassed.

If you’d like to learn more about our social media packages we’d love to chat with you. Let’s get social!