The most valuable box is an inbox.

Email marketing is still the most effective way to keep your customers engaged. And engaged customers spend more money with you than clients who’ve forgotten about you.

According to the Direct Marketing Association the ROI for email marketing is $38 for every dollar spent. Have I got your attention now?

Good, because this is important!

  • 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day on their phones.
  • 98% of consumers who get your email will see the message, as opposed to 2% of your customers who would see your post on Facebook.

You may now be thinking that email marketing is more important that you realized

Main Street Marketers will create a newsletter campaign that will help you sell product, drive traffic, announce new offerings, promote events, and more. This regular communication is in the format that consumers prefer and will keep them up-to-date on what you are doing, which of course means they’re more likely to purchase what you’re selling.

  • Additional options, can include coupons, donation requests for non-profits, and surveys.
  • Auto-respond messages created in series offer set it and forget it selling.

Regular newsletters are THE BEST way to stay in front of your potential customers. After taking the time to learn about your business, newsletters will be written in a tone that is authentic to your brand’s personality. Photos of your product and location are an additional way to personalize the content. You’re working hard doing awesome things, let’s make sure your customers know about it!

Are you ready to get the word out? I am, so send me a message and we can discuss a newsletter plan for your business!

Main Street Marketers is a Certified Constant Contact Partner, meaning we are knowledgeable in best practices to get best results and make sure you comply with regulations. You can try it for free!

The benefits of a professionally created and managed email marketing campaign:

  • Branded messages that represent your business
  • Mobile-friendly format
  • High delivery rate
  • Trackable with reports
  • Consistent contact