You're doing great things, are you keeping them a secret?


Gosh, we hope not. If the words don’t come easily and you’re stuck with that blinking cursor, we’re here to fill in the blanks.  

We love learning your story, your why, your goals and creating compelling copy that engages your community. 

Don’t make your prospects wonder what you have to offer. Clear messaging is crucial to your success. We can help with wording for websites, brochures, flyers, social media, menus, blogs, and more.

Carefully chosen words make a good impression, what is your current content saying about you?

Telling your story on websites, brochures, flyers, social, menus, blogs & more

Don’t settle for bland and boring!

Your story matters; if you’re not telling it, that’s a problem. Thoughtful content that clearly communicates what you do and how you do it better than your competition is vital to your success.

Is blogging still a thing?

You may have heard that your website should have a blog or you may have heard that blogging is dead. Blogging can be a useful multipurpose tool, having an up-to-date blog does a few good things:

1. Share Information

A blog can be a useful source of information for your customers and prospects. It shows you as an expert in your field and can answer questions without talking on the phone.

2. SEO

All of that fresh and relevant information is what Google likes. Those blog posts help your website to be found when people look for the service or products that you offer.

3. Social Content

A new blog post going up is perfect content to share on your social media channels. Let customers know you’re sharing info and direct them to your website.

Many of you are thinking “But, I’m not a writer. How’s that going to work?” Relax, I am a writer. Your business has a story to tell. You know how to do things that other people don’t. If you sell something that you want people to know about, let’s spread the word.

4. Newsletter content

A blog post can also provide content for those all important newsletters. Using a snipet of the post with a link to your site for those wanting more is a good way to drive traffic.

Blogging can be a powerful multitasker. To put blogging to work for you, let’s blow the dust off and add fresh content.